Functional Insulin Therapy

Functional insulin therapy (FIT) is a therapeutic education model that enables people living with diabetes to understand their insulin needs and to personalize their treatment according to their lifestyle, diet and activities.

Functional insulin therapy includes injecting a basal: long-acting insulin for pens, small regular injections for pumps. Also known as “insulin for life”, the basal must be administered daily to meet the body’s vital needs. Additionally, people with Type 1 diabetes need to administer boluses at each meal: fast-acting insulin for pens, a punctual dose corresponding to the meal for pumps. They learn to determine the amount of insulin needed in proportion to the amount of carbohydrates consumed at each meal.  

Finally, functional insulin therapy makes it possible to correct hyperglycemia by injecting a corrective dose of insulin to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Insulin can be administered by pump, pen, or syringe.

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