Your diabetes dashboard powered by DBL

YourLoops is a fully integrated diabetes management application designed for DBL Systems. It turns diabetes complexity into insights thanks to a straightforward interface. Data can be shared easily with care teams and relatives.


YourLoops's Advantages

  • Accessible 24/7, wherever you are, via your web browser
  • All data in one place for full context  
  • Automatic data transfer between DBLG1 and YourLoops in real time  
  • In compliance with the latest European HDS (health data hosting) and GDPR regulations*    

What Data Is Accessible With YourLoops?

  • The data collected by DBLG1® System is uploaded to the YourLoops web platform. Physiological data (real time blood glucose, insulin, carbs, current settings, history of changes) as well as the complete history of events (meals, physical activities) are available.

YourLoops For Patients: You Remain In Control

  • Easily share your data with your care team and/or your loved ones
  • Confidential mode: data transfer interruption for 3 hours, 1 day or 3 days

YourLoops For Healthcare Professionals: Supporting Remote Monitoring

  • Manage all of your patients equipped with DBL systems 
  • Create and manage professional teams to streamline collaboration

Empowering patients and healthcare professionals alike

  • Our goal is to help people with diabetes master the complexity of the condition and healthcare professionals support them more easily, so PwD can spend less time managing their diabetes and more time doing what matters to them.
  • YourLoops will provide essential diabetes metrics and trends, as well as more details about meals, physical activities and closed-loop statistics. Patients and healthcare professionals will also be able to communicate through the platform.
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Rock your diabetes!

Here you will find articles and information to understand your diabetes and live – with it – as you want!

Need help?

Our help center contains everything you need – from frequently asked questions to how-to articles – and it’s only one click away.

*Data is encrypted and sent to a cloud service certified for health data hosting according to French regulation.