DBLG1: smart technology to manage Type 1 diabetes

DBLG1 – our algorithm hosted in a dedicated handset – connects a Continuous Glucose Monitoring device (CGM) and an insulin pump to automate insulin decisions.

DBLG1 is a CE-marked medical device.


DBLG1 System key features

  • Dedicated handset with secure Bluetooth® connection

  • Only 4 parameters needed at set up (weight, total daily dose of insulin, typical meals, safety basal rate profile)

  • Possibility to adjust parameters (target, aggressiveness, hypo/hyper thresholds…)

  • Intuitive food and exercise logging

  • Automatic parameters optimization

  • Zen Mode for a temporary increase of the target glycemia

How does it work?

Every 5 minutes, a glucose measurement is transmitted via Bluetooth® technology from the CGM to DBLG1.

The algorithm analyzes data in real time and decides whether to:

  • maintain current settings
  • adjust or even stop basal insulin delivery to avoid a predicted low/high
  • deliver a bolus to correct a high.

That’s what is called a hybrid closed-loop system.

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