DBLG1™: A hybrid closed-loop system for Type 1 diabetes

The DBLG1™ System is an external medical device that connects 3 components: a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), an insulin patch pump and a locked-down handset that hosts the Diabeloop decision-making algorithm. The system is personalized, configurable and secure.


DBLG1™ System key features

  • Dedicated handset with secure BLE (Bluetooth low energy) connection
  • 6 configurable parameters (glycemic target, low/high thresholds, aggressiveness factors…)
  • Automatic optimization of meal ratios thanks to auto-learning
  • User interface co-developed with patients
  • Configurable alerts/information

How does it work?

Every five minutes, a glucose reading is sent to the handset via bluetooth.

The DBLG1™ algorithm analyzes data in real time and takes into account the patient’s physiology, history and data entries (meals or exercise) to determine the correct dose of insulin to administer.

That’s what we call a hybrid closed-loop system.

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DBLG1™ has received CE marking but is not available for sale in the United States.