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Alexander is a Swedish patient advocate living with Type 1 diabetes. Since his diagnosis in 2005, he has been curious to understand how diabetes impacts people’s lives on a daily-basis depending on where they live. This committed diabetes influencer is convinced that every person living with Type 1 diabetes should have access to insulin!

In a few sentences, can you present yourself and your activity/ies within the diabetes online community?

I’ve been visiting and interviewing people with Type 1 diabetes in Europe, to publish it online later at From 2020 and on I will be involved in several new projects about diabetes and the topic of health and well being. It will kick ass.

What made you start your advocacy/educational work in the first place? And what makes you keeping on everyday?

It began with a curiosity about Type 1 diabetes and how it affects people depending on where you’re born. By now its a full-on obsession and more than anything I want to find ways to accelerate the progress of – if not curing, at least making distribution of insulin available to everyone with diabetes, no matter who you are or where you’re from!

One thing you wish someone had told you when you were newly diagnosed? Or that you would tell your younger self?

If possible, get on the pump-train and start counting carbs – ASAP. And BTW, my diabetes nurse had been preaching about the carbs for years but I failed to listen until six months ago.

One thing about Type 1 diabetes you DON’T want to hear anymore?

Diabetes is great for your sex-life ?

If your diabetes was a real person and you could talk to them once in your life, what would you say?

Thanks for making Type 1 diabetes a living for me, never stop producing insulin.

Your favorite hypo treat·s?

Coke, and Cola Cola ?

Your favorite low carb food/snack?


Fav high carb food?

All of the good stuff ?

Diabetes burnout: what do you think about it? Personal experience? Any advice on how to cope with it?

I’ve had burnouts but never directly linked to diabetes but I can totally relate to the phenomena. How to cope with em? There’s a Persian saying ”In nīz bogzarad” (this too shall pass). For me, it opens up a window of perspective on phases and events in life – both highs and lows.

If your diabetes was a song?

#BONUS: Any advice to fellow people with diabetes reading this?

Yes, meeting others with diabetes might be a very pleasant experience (something I learned quite late in life).

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