Discover the components of your DBLG1™ System

Our decision-making algorithm comes with compact devices and patient-centered features to ensure the system fits your lifestyle and needs.

DBLG1™ handset

Built-in algorithm – Loop mode

All-in-one controller – Pump, CGM and loop mode

Security – Encrypted data sent via private cellular network and hosted on HDS servers, secure bluetooth protocol and dedicated handset

Configurable alerts/information – Vibration mode, day / night volume*

Kaleido pump

Two pumps – two colours

Waterproof** and removable

Rechargeable – three days of use in normal condition and fully rechargeable within 2 hours

Pick your size – 6 or 9 mm Teflon cannulas and 5 or 30cm tubing

Dexcom G6 CGM

10-day sensor wear without finger prick calibration

Simple auto-applicator – An easy-to-use sensor applicator with one button insertion

Acetaminophen blocking – Accurate glucose readings even when taking acetaminophen

Water resistant sensor

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*Alarms are not configurable see Instructions for Use

**in up to one meter for up to one hour.

‡Calibration is still possible but optional

‡‡The Dexcom G6 Sensor and Transmitter are water-resistant and may be submerged under eight feet of water for up to 24 hours without failure when properly inserted.

Diabeloop DBLG1™  is a class IIb medical device for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes in adults 22 years and older. This device is intended for single patient use and requires a prescription. For full indications for use and safety information see user manual. All content and information provided by this website is intended as informative and can not serve as a substitute for a health professional’s advice, diagnosis or prescription. All decisions related to your therapy and treatment should be discussed with your doctor.

DBLG1™ has received CE marking but is not available for sale in the United States.