Low GI Pastries Showcased In The Finale Of The French Bake Off: The Professionnals Season 5


This Thursday, July 21, 2022, the finale of the fifth season of the French Bake Off: The Professionnals was held, during which competitors created incredible low glycemic index desserts.

The 2022 Finale Of The French Bake Off: The Professionnals

To mark the occasion for this grand finale, no less than five acclaimed chefs, accompanied by the judging panel composed of  Cyril Lignac and Christelle Brua, judge competitors and set challenges to be integrated into their creations for the first task:

  • Yann Brys, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011, inventor of the Tourbillon technique
  • Johanna Le Pape, 2014 Sweet Arts World Champion, advocate of healthy pastries
  • Etienne Leroy, 2017 World Patisserie Champion, specialist in sugar decorations
  • Marie Simon, 2018 Sweet Arts World Champion, queen of fruity desserts
  • Quentin Bailly, 2013 World Patisserie Champion, chocolate expert

Johanna Le Pape, who describes herself as a pastry chef with a passion for well-being, set the task with her own twist, asking the teams to make low glycemic index desserts.

As the challenge set by chef Marie Simon was to use figs in pies or cakes, the teams decided to enhance the fruit and make the most of its natural sugars to avoid adding any more.

The Low GI Pastries From The French Bake Off

For each team, the creation was composed of an artistic piece with an indulgent theme (set by chef Quentin Bailly), measuring at least 80 cm in height (set by chef Etienne Leroy), and a tart or cake with a low GI and figs, decorated with exceptional piping skills (set by chef Yann Brys).

The duo of Jérémy and Baptiste won the task with their creation La farandole de gâteaux [The farandole of pastries].

The farandole of pastries by Baptiste and Jérémy:

  • Isomalt sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Smoked vanilla whipped cream
  • Roasted figs
  • Fig jelly
  • Coffee ganache
  • Fig cookie

In second place was the duo of Virgilia and Julien, with its creation, L’atelier du confiseur [The confectioner’s workshop]. In addition to the natural sugars of the fig, the pair also used acacia honey for their soft cookie and whipped cream.

The confectioner’s workshop by Virgilia and Julien:

  • Pulled sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Blackberry & fig compote
  • Hazelnut & honey cookie
  • Acacia honey whipped cream
  • Fig & blackberry jelly

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The duo of Antoine and Camille, and their piece Les sucettes [The lollipops], also served up a prize-worthy pastry display, although it unfortunately wasn’t quite up to scratch with the others, and both pastry chefs left the adventure at the gates to the final.

Les sucettes by Antoine and Camille:

  • Poured sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Crème diplomate with fig leaves
  • Compote of figs & balsamic vinegar
  • Shiso pesto

With these incredible desserts, the Meilleur Pâtissier and chef Johanna Le Pape have proven to us that, if still needed, that you can create beautiful, original, and delicious low GI pastries!

Does all this talk of pastries and tarts have your mouth watering?

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